About Taller Flamenco de Graná


Taller Flamenco de Graná is located in the very centre of Granada at the foot of Albacin – Granada’s old district where flamenco originates from. Here the history of flamenco oozes from every stone, and the sounds of flamenco music flow from every courtyard. Learning this art form here is a special pleasure.

Taller Flamenco de Graná runs intensive flamenco courses throughout the year. Each course is comprised of technique classes and choreography classes for a particular flamenco style (palo), which allows to study in detail one specific style of flamenco dance over the duration of one course. Each course also has compulsory flamenco rhythm (compas) classes for the chosen style.



Taller Flamenco de Graná teaches the classical structure of flamenco styles which are performed to music designed especially for dance (cante atrás). At the end of the course, students gain a full understanding of the chosen style’s structure which is technically correct from the perspective of dance. During each course, there are classes taught to live music – flamenco guitar and flamenco singing (cante). These classes teach students to communicate with the musicians and to develop skills needed to perform flamenco to live music.

Special attention is paid to students that come to Granada from other countries to learn flamenco. In Taller Flamenco de Graná we have talented tutors experienced in teaching flamenco both in Spain and abroad. 


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